Liability Insurance?

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Liability Insurance?

Postby jmlee22 on 08/15/2017, 2:47 pm

Hello to all,

I am fortunate enough to be making a living as After Effects/C4D Artist. I am finally breaking out of my shell and booking my own clients. Before, I would book my jobs from various producers. This one agency that I am interested in working for, requires that I have a million dollar liability insurance, I understand that cameramen, gaffers, etc. need one because they are on set. But I work from my home office and I have most of my meetings through Google Hangout or Skype. So I would never step foot inside their offices. Most of the quotes I see are for production insurance. Has any other After Effects/C4D artist found liability insurance that wasn't Production Insurance?

Many Thanks,
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Re: Liability Insurance?

Postby krakensurf on 08/31/2017, 5:49 am

That's absurd. If you never interact with the client in person or on location, you don't need any insurance. They are just being stupid. You need to explain to them that your work is virtual and there is no physical interaction with property or people. If they are worried about IP, then you can sign an NDA which insurance wouldn't cover anyhow. You can get Omissions and Errors insurance but you are not broadcasting and there will be someone else who is responsible for final approval before it airs (meaning you're not responsible anyhow).

Sounds like that agency just doesn't want to work with you and threw out an obstacle to ward you off. If they were congenial and simply don't understand your roll, then call them up and explain to them. Otherwise, forget about them and move on. I work with agencies a municipalities all the time. the only time they want insurance is if I'm filming on location on property(s) that I don't own. (pretty much everywhere). However, I shoot all the time without drawing a lot of fan-fair on public / city land. Its only if you have a production crew, actors, (full blown production) do they send out the code enforcement and start insisting on film permit and proof of insurance.

For example, I live near the beach and shoot models all the time. Nobody ever says anything. However, If I went down there with a dolly, camera crane, lights crew, make-up tent and intrim-production can bet your ass the sheriff riding an ATV would show up and start asking for papers (or a bribe).

On a final note, I can't even find anyone in my town to sell me insurance. They ask me what I need it for and they (the insurance underwriters) simply say "no". Maybe in your town (with a population more than 500,000) they are keen on film production. My town is a little dumb ass fishing town where they wouldn't now the difference between a Hemorrhoid and a Polaroid. I was however, required to get a business license which has its own setbacks and gotcha's so that I could work with the local gov't.

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