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Postby Jaymond on 01/7/2013, 4:04 pm

Where do you find inspiration?

It's one of those questions that can't really be answered as inspiration is just something that hits you but I'm sure we've all struggled to come up with that perfect idea for a film, effect, what have you. I'm having that problem at the moment. I'm lucky enough to have a permanent job where I get to shoot videos of animals (I'm the video guy at a safari park) but when I come to try and think of ideas for short films to make in my spare time I really struggle. I've just invested in my own equipment and now I'm kicking myself because I just can't get motivated to come up with something that I want to do.

I used to have loads of ideas for films but I've been in a slump recently and now I'm worried I'm losing my ability to be creative.

So what do you folks do to get inspired? Have you ever felt as though you were in a creative slump, and if so how did you get out of it?
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Re: Inspiration

Postby AlekB on 01/9/2013, 8:20 am

First off, I wouldn't worry about losing your creativity! Slumps happen all the time. With a script I'm writing right now I ran into a story block. Stopped me for a couple of weeks, I thought about it and thoughts about it, I went over the story, looked at the outline, thought about the story structure, etc.. Eventually, I got past the block and continued on. Sometimes you just have to agonize over the problem, talk to somebody else about the story, they might have an idea. :) But definitely don't worry about losing your creativity, :D
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Re: Inspiration

Postby RickM on 01/9/2013, 8:53 am

In a similar vein, perhaps someone more experienced can answer the same question directed towards making motion graphics. I'm still learning some things about them, but as I get more and more advanced at the same time I also feel stuck at times. I can watch a lot of different tutorials and learn how to do many different things, and in many of them I can even guess a lot of what the person is going to do before they say, so that I know how to achieve the effect.

The problem is that even though I know how to use the various fundamentals of the program and combine them to make something, I struggle to think of unique concepts. I watch different tutorials and can feel almost "trapped" by them, where even though I know how to take the concepts taught and apply them to other things, I just struggle to come up with something unique. I also have a problem where I always try to make a design too over the top, where it has to have every good element that could ever possibly be fit. I realize that many times simple is better, but it's difficult for me to keep it simple.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Inspiration

Postby Abi Riva on 02/8/2013, 6:41 am

Hello Rick. Like yourself, I am watching various tutorials to improve my editing skills on Adobe Premiere. Thinking of unique concepts I think takes a long time, especially something of which you think you could progress with. As you film at the safari park, you are always in the mindframe of filming and editing therefore I think you will get some good ideas very soon. Maybe posting some of your ideas on here may help, and others could give you suggestions?
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