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final cut,pro scores

Postby ickball on 11/8/2012, 2:59 pm

i purchased pro scores thinkng it will work with final cut pro x,,i put dvd in and nothing happened,,your site gives no tutorial for final cut,,but you lied and said it works with final cut pro x,,,you should refund me back,,,i hate when companies lie about there products,,,even if it does work,,you dont give any tutorials,,nothing came in dvd,,this is bad business and i will never buy from your company again,,,this is crap,,,this dvd does nothing on my mac pro,,it does nothing,,,no working dvd,,for all i know it is empty,,,i can only assume is you have ripped me off,,,,,,,,,i will tell all people i know this is scam,,,pro scores is a scam,,,
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Re: final cut,pro scores

Postby Dustin Hudson on 11/8/2012, 4:29 pm


We apologize for the issues you are having. If you are having trouble with the DVD, you can download the files from your Video Copilot download section. You can access this by signing in on front VC page, then navigate to the download section from that tab. From there you can then download the files.

As for the compatibility for Pro Scores with Final Cut, the Pro Score files are just .wav files and should import correctly. There are no tutorials specifically created for Final Cut. From our product page:

"Most of the training is done with Sony Vegas which displays large waveforms so you can see the process. The training also shows you how to perform similar functions in Premiere & After Effects"

If you feel that your DVD may be faulty, we can re-ship your product to you. If you are completely unsatisfied with the product we can offer you a full refund. If you feel you need to do any of these things, or you are having trouble logging into your download section, please contact at our support at and we can help you further there.

Again we apologize for the issues you are having, and we thank you for your patience.

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