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VC Website Registration

PostPosted: 10/12/2012, 11:31 am
by rtemple
I do apologize if this is a seemingly novice question but I had to register on the forums just to ask the question about how to register for an account for the VC website. I click on Sign In and normally I would expect to see a link that would prompt a user to "Create a New Account" but I do not see one.
When I click on the link "About Video Copilot Account" it just gives some details about what one can do in the account but does not link to anything allowing one to actually create an account.
Even the Home Page does not provide a link for registering a new account.

Am I missing something? Again I apologize for the daft inquiry but I have been using so many of these tutorials and would love to actually have an account with the website at this point.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Re: VC Website Registration

PostPosted: 10/12/2012, 2:39 pm
by Dustin Hudson
Hey rtemple!

The main site registration is only if you have purchased a product, then it will take you to your product downloads. So you will only get asked to make one if you have gone through the buying process, because its really only a download manger. If you did make a purchase, and you are having trouble logging in, please contact us at , and we can help you if are having account issues. Let us know if you have any other concerns.