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Some suggestions for this site

Postby klaus brandenburg on 09/18/2012, 11:03 am

I don't know if this is feasible but I would like to see some REQUEST Actions for posts. Something like the SPAM button but with different choices like:

REQUEST MERGE: This topic has been discussed and solved a 1000 times and adding another post for this topic will render the search function useless.

REQUEST RENAME: Posts like "Help", "Can Element do this?" or "I have a little question" are by no way meaningfull. Still this is often used to generate curiosity to an otherwise stupid question that has been asked a million times.

REQEST STICKY/Priority in search results: There are some real good threads out there. I bookmark a lot but if I was new to the site I don't know if I could find them by now. Let the comunity help to priorize search results or elect sticky topics.

Tag system: It would be nice if I could tag my bookmarks and browse by taglist.

That's it I guess....Oh no wait...can we have a facepalm smiley pleeeeaaaase :D

Thanks for reading,

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