Newbie--Need help for first movie, please!

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Newbie--Need help for first movie, please!

Postby corbs13 on 06/9/2012, 1:24 pm

Finally figured out how to get the black background to transparent...but now the video doesn't play--just looks like a still picture. I'm using imovie 11 and the action essentials 2. The clip "plays" if I move my sursor but it doesn't even play in the Event Library section of imovie. I've read where someone says it will export ok--but that will make creation of the video so hard if I can't see how it's going as I use it!

I was told pre-purchase it worked fine with imovie...

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Re: Newbie--Need help for first movie, please!

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 07/5/2012, 1:54 pm

This should probably be posted in product support rather than in this forum which is for reporting issues with the website itself.
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