Some Tweaks to the Tron Title

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Some Tweaks to the Tron Title

Postby gungrave4ever on 02/6/2011, 11:36 am

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I figured some tweaks could be made to the Tron title project just to make it a little bit easier to edit later.

In the A 3D comp, where you duplicate the A Lines pre-comp several times after attaching it to the extrusion slider control... Andrew suggests moving the front A (the solid A; not the lines) back a little bit to put on the front of the lines, then also duplicating this solid A and moving it to the back.

First, with the A on the front, rather than changing its position, re-order the timeline. You can either put this A down at the bottom underneath all the A Lineses, or you can actually put the extrusion slider control down underneath the A Lineses. Either way, because the A Lineses compositions call their index numbers, by moving something off the top, you'll bump their index number up. And while you usually have to have an adjustment layer on the top to "adjust" the layers below, since this is actually a slider that's referenced, it doesn't need to be on top. And this just makes the distance from the top A to the first A Lines segment more uniform.

Then for the A at the back... just use the same formula you used on the A Lines and put that letter to the bottom of the composition timeline, but right above either the slider or the other A you sent to the back. This way, if you decide you want more A Lines compositions, you don't have to play around with trying to set the A at the back (plus, it'll be uniform distance from the last A Lines comp).

Those are just some tweaks to the currently-existing walkthrough/tutorial. But I'm sure you could also make the 3D image fade away near the back by putting in a formula to the opacity something similar to the extrusion positions.
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