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Missing Free discussion forum

Postby MasterQuin on 08/2/2008, 5:56 am


sry for writing here. But there is no space for just off-topic. I just want to know: do you use just Wordpress and PHPbb for this site?

Sry for using this forum. Maybe you add a OffTopic for this kind of questions :-)

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Re: Missing Free discussion forum

Postby Lucas on 08/2/2008, 6:21 am

Hi MasterQuin,

I already posted such a request in the "Support" Forums, Andrew already explained the maybe he'll make one.

For the question abut the software: look into the FAQ, it's all written there ;)

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Re: Missing Free discussion forum

Postby Andrew Kramer on 08/2/2008, 9:38 am

Andrew Kramer
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Highlight Mouse... please

Postby DevilBlink on 08/3/2008, 1:37 am

:D Hello Andrew, I'm still a beginner in after effects, like you wanted to ask you to highlight mouse with a circle when you click in your tutorials, is a configuration of the OS or is some complementary software... We apologize if the answer does not correspond to the topic, but I'm much attention your mouse cursor, please what is the name of the software? Is for Windows or for Mac?... Thank you very match man.

PD: :( Sorry for my english level, i am from peru and "No hablo muy bien el ingles"
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