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VC website issue

Postby Michael on 08/20/2008, 3:26 pm

hay so this is somthing that andrew and the rest of the Vc team might like to know so if any on sees this could they pass it along to the team.

when i click on a link of Vc often its a hyper text link it opens up the page on a new window but also the vc website goes there too
so for instence if i click a link to youtube it will open the video 2 times and play twice

i just thought you milight like to know os you could fix it in times to come

Ps im sorry i posted this here i know you dont like it but i could not find a link to send it to
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Re: VC website issue

Postby VFX-Anomaly on 08/20/2008, 4:35 pm

I don't believe it is the website, If your using Firefox check your settings under "tools" options "Tabs"
If your are using IE, Stop! :D
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Re: VC website issue

Postby Marc Biorklund on 08/20/2008, 7:50 pm


Is this limited to some links, or all of them ? Do you have an example where this happen.
I personally don't think this is related to the site, but more likely to your web browser. What browser do you use ? Which version ?

Marc Biorklund
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