Friendly request...

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Friendly request...

Postby planBMultimedia on 08/20/2008, 9:57 am

Hi VCP team!

Would it please be possible to switch on the Avatar function? I think it's a cool thing to have, and since we are all into graphics, I am sure there will not be a lot of visual clutter and BS in the avatars.

Thanks and continue the good work! This forum is a breath of fresh air, Esthetically pleasing, no flames, no silly politics. Heaven for the VFX enthousiast!

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Re: Friendly request...

Postby razrox on 08/20/2008, 1:18 pm

Yeah, what he said
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Re: Friendly request...

Postby VFX-Anomaly on 08/20/2008, 1:24 pm

I don't think that would be good, just more clutter and load on the forums.
IMHO :geek:
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Re: Friendly request...

Postby Dan on 08/29/2008, 10:44 am

I personally do not like avatars, but if everyone insists, then I think that avatars should be limited to mugshots of the members themselves. Putting a face to a name is a lot friendlier than to an animated gif of something not VFX related or animated breasts/butts (you know who you are!)

"IF" Andrew and Patrick decide to allow people to upload avatars then it would increase site load up times, but honestly in this day and age, i don't think it would cripple anyone's machine.

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