Any way to get notified?

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Any way to get notified?

Postby jamibo on 08/16/2008, 9:56 pm

Hey AK and VCP,

Long time customer and supporter just wondering if there's a way to know when someone has replied or quoted to a post. I read a ton of post, as everyone does, but I don't always remember the ones I posted to. i might want to check back and see the string, but if I respond to 10 threads a day, I'll obviously forget some (I'm very busy, as you would expect ;} )

Any way to get a note emailed? Or something near your name when you log in?

Other than that! WoW! VCP has blown the doors off any competitor. Like AK I'm a long time creative cow user, but man... I've learned more from AK in the past few years than all of the cow community combined. That is just incredible.

Nice work and thank you for everything....

Jason Boucher

ps: AK... I'm expecting my first kid, a daughter... any tips yet? I'm convinced I'm in big trouble! I'm already a softie!
Jason Boucher
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Re: Any way to get notified?

Postby dataflow on 08/16/2008, 10:59 pm

press the
# Subscribe topic
# Bookmark topic

at bottom of page

or you could press the "View your posts" button at top of page
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