translating VC to other languages

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translating VC to other languages

Postby Yedidya on 07/14/2015, 6:24 am

I am a 12th grade student (I learn in 'Yeshivat Neve-Shmuel' High School in Efrat, Israel) and i'm in cinematography class (we learn a lot about filming and very basic editing),
But we don't learn anything about AE, Like my friend and I are the only ones from a 22 students class that come in touch with AE (without mentioning the fact we knew to work professionally with Premiere Pro CS6), AND we use VC tutorials for many things we make.

So, what i'm asking is - Is VC translatable for other languages? not with Google Chrome translate or something like that, is it possible to create a copy of VC website - but in hebrew (or other languages)?
I'm sure it will make your site and products to be more common and known in many other cinematography projects across the world. more people could learn the tutorials, and give brilliant ideas for new ones.

For example, I've helped Whatsapp company to translate strings for the app to hebrew, and it's not that difficult.

So Andrew (or someone else from the website's management group), I will be happy if you will make VC a world-wide language-optimized website.
Yedidya Newlander
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Re: translating VC to other languages

Postby Patrick Otten on 07/14/2015, 9:51 am

Thanks Yedidya for the suggestion. I'm not sure if this is on our roadmap, but will definitely consider it for the future. I agree that this would help close the language gap across the world and allow VC to more friendly in to different countries. The problem I foresee is how many different languages we'd need to account for. Localizing anything is quite a daunting task to say the least heh.
Patrick Otten
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