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VC backend needs fixing - login page goes in a loop

PostPosted: 05/6/2015, 4:25 am
by cly3d
Hi VC,
I've searched the forums and seen quite a few similar issues.
Today I purchased the Metropolitan pack, and can't log in to download.

Here's the issue:
1) I could log in and went ahead and bought the metropolitan pack, after returning from payment, I found myself logged out of the site
2) Tried to log back in... site says password wrong.
3) I requested new password. Was sent a computer generated one.
4) Tried logging in with it - from the top right 'VC account" dropdown box - The first time you try to log in, it simply goes to the page saying "password sent" and sure enough - another password arrives to my email address.
5) This goes on in a loop - same steps from 3 - 4.
6) Tried logging in from the form on one of the pages such as - No luck it does either one of these two things (a) jumps back to the same page stating username or password wrong or (b) goes to the same login page, but with no error report.

I assume this is some backend problem with the site, so hoping it gets fixed. Meanwhile I've lost half a day so far, (due to our time difference). Was hoping to have started with some Metropolitan scenes :(

Re: VC backend needs fixing - login page goes in a loop

PostPosted: 10/13/2017, 12:56 am
by Acknoh
I'm having the same issues, has this been resolved for you?