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Fandance Video

Postby shamez on 08/20/2008, 10:06 pm

This is a video I am working on that walks people through the use of the website. It's kind of a goofy little site where you upload your picture and it puts it on a dancing guy with your favorite college teams jersey on. Unfortunately one of my favorite parts of the video can't be used until permission is granted from the schools to use their logos. I recreated the logos in 3D with Zax and had an interesting camera move... A lot of work to go to waste if approval isn't given!

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Re: Fandance Video

Postby Hermes on 08/21/2008, 3:01 pm

Looks good. Just a quick observation. The narrator closes by saying "See you on the dance floor" while the text says "See YA on the dance floor." Most people won't notice but it kind of bugs me. It'd probably be easiest to make it agree with the narrator and shouldn't mean a radical redesign.

Other than that it looks great!

Hope this helps.
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