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Stargate + Kawoosh! (Element 3D, Particular)

PostPosted: 05/3/2019, 6:08 pm
by KeithH

Original Blender model by Stephen Meli.
Converted for Cinema 4D and Element 3D by Keith H.

Created by Keith H. using Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, VideoCopilot's Element 3D, and Red Giant's Particular.

This is the VFX test for a Stargate project I'm working on. The "ka-woosh" turned out well for this first try, though I plan on making improvements. The hard part is getting the ka-woosh to retreat back into the event horizon without having to use time re-mapping, or at least looking like I'm simply reversing the animation.

The chevron lights, glyph ring, and chevron lock animations are all controlled by After Effect sliders. I plan on making the After Effect project available for download once I'm satisfied with it.