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Underwater volcano

PostPosted: 05/28/2018, 2:44 am
by insertmesh
Hi there,

first post on this forum, just saying hi...I actually started my career with tutorials from videocopilot, although I moved away from compositing into 3D, so thanks Andrew Kramer...;)

I wanna share a WIP for my upcoming 3D animated short film about Tardigrades:

I´m pretty far in with this shot, but I´m also at a point where I am not sure where else to take this.

Overall I think for my next epic establishing shot I wanna refine concept art first, before going in knee deep, as I think some of the issues with this shot might not be fixable by compositing now and are rather an issue with composition.

There are still 2-3 render bugs in here (volcanic vent smoke not moving), and I still wanna add a couple of elements:

1. I still don´t have enough density in the water, so I wanna add some underwater plankton/smoke elements, to break up the environment fog, that is purely composited using the Zbuffer and some 3D volume lights.
2. I wanna add some more dust elements with finer dust.

I am not completely sure how to add these FX just now: Should I just use some 2D plates (some slowed down Smoke elements from VC for example) and place them in the 3D scene, since the other way around just didn´t work out yet? Tried several solutions to sync AE comp up with my 3D camera, but none of them worked right, if you have any experience getting camera from 3ds Max to AE, please let me know...;)

Or if I should go the long route and simulate and render all elements in 3D?

But most of all, I´d like to get some feedback on how to improve on the compositing aspect...

You can also watch more Wip on our website:

And if you´re interested in collaborating on this volunteer based project, you can drop me a line or directly apply on Artella: ... 8260f73a5f

Re: Underwater volcano

PostPosted: 07/3/2018, 11:45 am
by JackH
This looks AMAZING! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the finished film.

Re: Underwater volcano

PostPosted: 07/3/2018, 1:38 pm
by insertmesh

although thats still gonna take quite a while, til its finished...;)

I ended up going the long way and simulating a couple more underwater go elements in 3D and they worked out quite well.

Re: Underwater volcano

PostPosted: 07/7/2018, 9:38 am
by star+circle
Now there's a VFX composite! Very nice job. Looked pretty complete when viewed the first time. Only when you pointed it out, did I notice that the vents were not yet animated. Yes, perhaps some more cloudiness or particles, considering all that is being spewed into the sea. But I would have been sold on the existing shot as well.

Re: Underwater volcano

PostPosted: 07/7/2018, 9:54 am
by insertmesh

Here is the current WiP...I´m pretty close calling it in, still one or two things I´d like to improve on and once the other shots are complete I still wanna play around with some color grading:
password: tardigradeWIP

But for the next big establishing shots in the short I definitely wanna explore more matte painting integration, that was just waaaay too much work for such a short shot...;)