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getting my bearings

PostPosted: 01/5/2017, 6:06 am
by EH-11
Playing around with the jetstrike pack and learning new stuff..

It's all leading up to the guy at the end - he's a pirate. Of the skies. 16 gatling guns and a lot of shit is going to blow up.

p.s. On that note, if anyone would be kind enough to point me at a tutorial on how to, say, take a wing off one of those models I would be pretty grateful.

p.s.s. Oh, just occurred to me it could maybe be done by erasing that part of the texture-file, would that be right?

Re: getting my bearings

PostPosted: 01/5/2017, 11:58 am
by JPT7505
No because that gets rid.of the texture but not the geometry. You'd have to edit the model in a dedicated program by using the alternative model downloads from vc.

Re: getting my bearings

PostPosted: 01/8/2017, 4:37 am
by EH-11
Thank you for your reply. I don't have enough knowledge to do that, would you know where the best place would be to find tutorials on doing that to complex models like the jets? I have blender, I know there's tuts on youtube but there's a blizzard of them, and it's a bit of a luck situation finding a good one.

I think to have noticed the anchor-points on the gatling guns aren't aligned in such a way as to permit a wobble-free rotation during a potential firing animation - I've tried adjusting the alignment and anchor points in element but got nothing I can use, is it possible to adjust those or would I also need more training in a dedicated 3d program for something like that?

Here's a downtown F-22 clip in progress

Re: getting my bearings

PostPosted: 01/10/2017, 6:22 pm
by [signuversum]
Ah, the Spectre miniguns.


It's actually possible to adjust them so they spin properly. I bet there's a better way to do that than mine, but here's the file if you want to take a peek (the linking will probably get messed up, but hey, it's 2:22 AM down here and I'm probably sleepwalking)