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Hall of Retirement

PostPosted: 05/26/2016, 1:43 am
by Gerry Clark
I'm trying to create a futuristic space for a short movie I'm making. This is what I've come up with so far using AE, E3D and C4D.
Comments and suggestions are more than welcome as I'm in no great rush, looking to shoot the live elements in August/September.

Re: Hall of Retirement

PostPosted: 05/26/2016, 10:22 am
by Duncan
I take it Michael De Santa is a stand in for an actor that will be shot later?

Re: Hall of Retirement

PostPosted: 05/27/2016, 1:24 am
by Gerry Clark
Duncan wrote:I take it Michael De Santa is a stand in for an actor that will be shot later?

Haha well spotted. Yes, I'll be replacing his face with that of the actor from the live scenes.

Re: Hall of Retirement

PostPosted: 05/27/2016, 3:43 am
by plae57
Is there a budget for your film or is it just self funded? That would make a difference on my advice. These are things I would do to prepare:
  • Build/buy the largest green screen you can
  • Buy/acquire lights, and learn how to light a green screen properly
  • Practice keying and roto (you will need both)
  • Learn how to make procedural keys and masks and learn how to combine them
  • If you have 3 months before primary shooting I would take a look at Fusion. It is a much better platform for visual effects, and the learning curve is not that bad. All your element 3d models work perfectly and you can animate all the parts a lot easier (to me) than with parenting groups in e3d.
  • Buy/acquire a good sound system
  • Buy a drone (Phantom 3 or better). Quality drones can inexpensively replace long dolly and track shot as well as crane shots. The cost of a Phantom 3 quality drone is LESS than you would pay for a dolly and track for a day
  • Learn how to do ADR. Set sound sometimes sucks. (Premiere/Audition have a great ADR workflow!)
  • Always record room sound you will need it for any ADR work.
  • Storyboard every shot. This will save you hours and hours when shooting.
  • Search hard for practical sets
  • Practice set extensions, object replacement and addition, This will drastically increase the number of practical sets you can use.

And most of all remember the order of importance: SCRIPT - SOUND - VISUALS

Good luck and I am looking forward to your film.

Re: Hall of Retirement

PostPosted: 05/31/2016, 1:53 am
by Gerry Clark
Thanks plae57, that's all really practical and relevant advice. Some of it I'm already aware of and making preparations for, and some of it is a reminder of how much more I have yet to do.
Although I've made quite a few corporate movies this is new ground for me and will take me well out of my comfort zone. At the moment it's self-funded and I'm making it in my spare time but I'm looking into funding resources as I hope to do the right thing and pay all the actors and crew up to standard rates.
Fusion seems a bit scary at the moment as in my spare, spare time I'm editing a feature. I'll need to learn Fusion in my spare, spare, spare time.

I read recently of a Chinese drone being due on the market around July, selling at less than $500 but capable of recording 4k RAW. If this turns out to be true then it may be an option for me.