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made a second test using saber

PostPosted: 03/20/2016, 12:14 pm

Re: made a second test using saber

PostPosted: 03/21/2016, 6:43 am
by plae57
Good start! Here are a few comments. You need to work on your tracking a bit as things seem to be slipping. This is especially noticeable in the guy on the ground. The smoke is not moving correctly. It should be drifting back rather than going straight up. This is hard when you are using stock footage for the smoke. If you have trapcode you can make wispy smoke (I think there is a preset actually) and track the emitter to the jacket. You might be able to do it with particle world. If you don't have trapcode maybe try displacement to get the smoke to move correctly. The vignette is mighty harsh (but that's personal preference).

Also, no need to double post.