Battlestar Wip-Clips

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Battlestar Wip-Clips

Postby Thunderstruck on 01/28/2016, 5:52 pm

Battlestar Galactica.The Arrival.Fan-Fiction.Fan-Film.
Cinema4D-Animation.Sony Movie Studio 13.After Effects CS5.
Particle Illusion 3.0.

Wip clips from just prior to Raider Grav/Well to currently at this moment in time.

New clips in the making..some improvements here and there,,,attempting to
sharpen the Series Footage in Sony also.Currently having problems recreating
the drone voice vocoder efx in Magix,,as in,it has to be done each and every time
for each's functionalities elude me mostly after reading help 6x.
And all preseted and saved arrangements don't seem to retain why I saved them,
just the rack.

Got excited again,and hope to add more dialogue and Drone Voice tracks.


BSG Original story arc.Visual Fiction.Fan Film.TV Episode.
Using Cinema4d R13 Studio.Sony Movie Studio Plat.13.AfterEfx.
--because I never got season two--
One of the most desired things of TOS BSG that I wanted to see/experience..was the actual arrival of the Fleet to modern Earth.
And how we would have reacted or taken to this.I can only hope to entertain the many possible aspects,scenarios,scenes,dialogue,plots,that may entail in such an event.
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