New Logo?

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New Logo?

Postby LateNiteStudios on 08/1/2008, 10:14 pm

what do u guys think of this?


dont worry the real image is centered ------ Daniel Linge
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Re: New Logo?

Postby adam545 on 08/1/2008, 10:42 pm

its good what you did there, i sympathize with the "dark, late at night moon" concept. but maybe you should try making the moon smaller as it appears to be too big. those glows around the text are just too cheesy for my liking also. lots of potential here...
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Re: New Logo?

Postby LateNiteStudios on 08/1/2008, 10:48 pm

thanx man i love constructive criticism. ill have a new one out by morining. lol ------ Daniel Linge
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Re: New Logo?

Postby ColDy on 08/1/2008, 11:33 pm

but give yor text more style. It must fit to your backround.

Like ^^
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Re: New Logo?

Postby NextExile on 08/2/2008, 5:02 am

If I were you I would Definitely get rid of the planet, at least in raster format, try to make it in vector, otherwise its not a full fledged logo. You could also try playing around with an idea of writing your name in neon lights, like those bar signs since your name is late night.
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Re: New Logo?

Postby Moca_MX on 08/2/2008, 5:12 am

I can see you used Terminator Font for new logo. ;)
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Re: New Logo?

Postby LetZ on 08/2/2008, 5:19 am

i think a litte color or font highlighting would be nice. Something that makes the logo unique.

The Blue Planet looks great...
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Re: New Logo?

Postby europa on 08/2/2008, 5:22 am

The lettering doesn't feel right... the "Web 2.0" look doesn't fit well into the frame, if you know what I mean.
White glow doesn't fit either - it stops abruptly in mid-section, it's probably too big, there's no blending mode and the colour is off.
Also, check on your starfield: too many stars, same size - I guess you used a noise generator. Try with some particles spread across a vast Z-Axis ;)
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Re: New Logo?

Postby Director on 08/4/2008, 6:38 pm

Neat, but why is there blue light creeping from the shadow area, if it's a shadow it should be black, not blue.
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