Action Scene (EDIT- CLOSED)

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Action Scene (EDIT- CLOSED)

Postby Ben Wotton on 08/10/2008, 2:51 pm

Hi everyone,

I may have mentioned earlier that I am making a short film for my end school project (HSC Major work if you are an Aussie) This is the action scene from it and as many of you will appreciate I have spent many, many hours on it. It is due for preliminary marking in a week and I just wanted opinions and constructive criticism on it from others who have VFX minds.

(P.S It is out of context so please don't try to evaluate it as a stand-alone piece)

The basic context is that this is in the protagonist's memory, (he is a special forces lieutenant who is traumatized by what he has seen and done) So it is kinda flash back-ish (though not so corny) 8-)

Thanks in advance!!

-Ben (please watch in high quality ;) )

EDIT- Due to restrictions I can't display it before it is marked. Sorry. :cry:
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