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PostPosted: 05/18/2010, 8:08 am
by codemonkey123
Please be aware that due to spamming issues ALL new members will be MODERATED for a while.

This means that your post/topics/replies will NOT show up right away. They will be dealt with by the moderators so please be relaxed and patient. It could take 2 minutes or even 2 days depending on the amount of moderators online/spam to sift through.

Also note: Edits you do to your post will need re-moderating, so don`t expect edits to appear right away.

Please refrain from MULTIPLE POSTING as you will run the risk of post being rejected as they will look like SPAM and you could risk a ban.

Please also note that this is a family friendly site, so any abusive post, foul language or needless unpleasantness will result in a ban.

Be happy. Play nice.

Thank you and enjoy the great site & happy hunting.