[E3D] Quadro M1000M vs GTX 1050/60

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[E3D] Quadro M1000M vs GTX 1050/60

Postby boogeyman on 10/10/2017, 12:30 am

I need to buy a notebook. It will be used only for work, I don't play games anymore. I'm working mainly in Ps, Ai and Id, sometimes animation in Ae and montage in Pr. Notebook will be used to work from home, so not a main workstation, but still, it needs to be powerfull to run things smoothly. I did some research, and my current pics is Dell 7500 i7-6820HQ 16GB M1000M. Made for work, so suits my need. However, we all know how picky AE and E3D could be when it comes to graphic cards. So my main concern is this graphic card. I'm affraid it could be not enough, so maybe something with GTX 1050/60 would be better choice? The issue with notebooks with that cards is they are all for gaming, so screen could be not great as in Dell.
What do you think? Maybe someone have a comprasion with those two cards?

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Re: [E3D] Quadro M1000M vs GTX 1050/60

Postby JPT7505 on 10/10/2017, 8:00 am

16gb is plenty although element may only see half, which is still sufficient. Just verify it's on the compatibility list.
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