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Optimization, Best Settings for AE

PostPosted: 01/22/2017, 9:10 pm
by Redheadhenry
Wanted to get some feedback on how I set up AE for faster RAM previews, and faster workflow.

I have multiple HDD and SSD coupled with 64GIGs of RAM, i7900k processor, and a Nvidia 1060 GTX graphics card.

I've been doing some testing and wanted to confirm my findings with you guys and see if you could offer some input on ways to increase workflow and render times. Currently, the below images show what I have set up.

One of my SSDs is set up for Cache. Another has AE installed on it. While another is reserved for all my assets (or files I'll be using in the program).
Any thoughts on what I have here, and maybe if changing some of these settings would yield faster results?




Re: Optimization, Best Settings for AE

PostPosted: 02/14/2017, 2:29 pm
by jsn951
Is that an i7 7900k processor you are listing? When did that come out?