Wedding videographers i need your help

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Wedding videographers i need your help

Postby magiclantern on 08/15/2010, 2:31 pm

Hello guys
I'm writing this post with a simple request
I'd like to ask people with experience in this business to share your opinion about what camcorder suits the best for you.
I work part time as a wedding videographer and haven't had the chance to try many camcorders.
The workflow is usually about filming, editing and showing the footage at the end of the weddings. I used to use the Sony FX1 and loved the flexibility of the lcd monitor,the weight and the body.
Recently I've started to use the Sony HDR-AX2000 and there are things that work and things that don't. I like that they've put the iris on the lens cannon with the zoom and focus rings but the zoom is too light and too close to the iris making it really hard to work (one little tap and you mess things up). Another inconvenience is the auto-focus, it's pretty bad in comparison with the FX1. I like using mostly manual focus but there are sometimes ex when you're shooting low or high angles and you can't focus so you need a good auto to help. The good side is the sd card capturing and the full hd resolution. Before i had to switch tapes all the time and give to the editor to capture, now with the cards it's a lot quicker i can switch the cards with one hand and pass to the editor as the wedding goes.
These cameras are owned by the wedding company. My own camera is the Panasonic HVX205A, i love it but it's not really suitable for weddings. It's heavy and the monitor is placed on the side and is pretty smal. It's awesome for planned out cinematography though.
Now the manager of this company will quit and start his own busines and he asked me to join him. He has to buy some camcorders and I'm not sure if i want to go with the HDR-AX2000.
Here is where I kindly ask you guys to hop in and share some info about your favorite camcorders for the job and why.

Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Wedding videographers i need your help

Postby LiveEventsOnly on 08/16/2010, 11:36 pm

ive done weddings for a few years now,
had the Canon A1 + hv30 + letus for a year or so.
switched to EX1/3 for better low light.
then when the 5dmk2 arrived, sold off everything and switched (yes, i was one of those early adopter who had to deal w/ the 'twist the lens off' to keep my fix aperture).

For me, clean image quality and low light performance was what drove me to switch.

My clients can see the results and quality difference b/w A1 vs EX1 vs 5D.
If i were to jump into the game using current technology, id get the sony NEX-VG10, APS-C sensor in a form factor of a traditional camcorder!

Again, there are certain limitations/work-around for being a cheap (yes, sub $3k is cheap) camcorder.

BTW, i came from a filming background where i was use to pulling focus and dealing w/ 'traditional filmmaking'; so naturally the 5D was a major blessing.
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Re: Wedding videographers i need your help

Postby magiclantern on 08/17/2010, 6:08 am

LiveEventsOnly, thanks for your reply.
I'm also a DOF fan and for setup scenarios i use an M2 adapter with Nikons. I like the new Canon dslr cameras and would like to ask you about how do you deal with stabilization with the run and gun scene? That was my main concern when i thought about them.
Do you have any of your work on the web? I'd love to see some footage from those cameras.
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Re: Wedding videographers i need your help

Postby yanilea on 05/10/2016, 7:39 pm

Hi! You can try our services, Valoso. We specialize in crowdsourced video editing. All you need to do is to post a project and receive bids from our international pool of video editors and hire the qualified one to do your project. Hope this helps!
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