Hard choice for a movie.

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Hard choice for a movie.

Postby Gamesharked on 05/1/2014, 4:26 pm

I'm preparing for a big production this year. It won't be professional , but I'll need to edit my movie in full HD. I already got an Apple MacBook Pro (with an i5 processor) , I do some editing and compositing in it , because I'm crazy about Final Cut and Motion , but it's pretty slow. I also got a octo core 8gb ram and 2To HDD pc desktop , but I can't use Final Cut on it. I need , for shooting some material , like a stabiliser and a decent microphone , but I don't have money , so I'm thinking of selling at approximately 700 eur. my desktop , in order to buy some gear. But i'm not sure my MacBook will be great for editing a long movie in HD... (I'll just need editing and color correcting , not hard compositing or 3D)
What do you think?
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Re: Hard choice for a movie.

Postby anel_77 on 05/23/2014, 8:34 am

From past experience i think that laptops are not so good at editing video or even images due to their screen size. Fair enough you could connect it to a TV screen and use it that way. But for your movie is it going to have any animation in it? Will you be just recording and editing the clips from the camera? If its just editing then that macbook should be fine. I've made loads of documentary's about 2 hours long some of them and i have had no problems with rendering or even editing.
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