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iOS Video Mashup.

Postby little_fat_girl on 12/19/2012, 5:10 pm

So, I don't know where else to post this. I know VideoCopilot is not supposed to be about development, but . . .

I currently have an iOS project where I need to overlay a video (with alpha transparency) on another video (shot/opened by the user) and then bake it down in to one video file. This is obviously stuff you guys have gotten very good at with DemonCam and Action Movie FX.

My iOS guy is having trouble finding samples/libraries/reference on how to do this sort of thing. Could you post some links to good reference/samples/libraries that could help us accomplish this? Are there any things that we need to look out for? Does Sérgio Gil have a blog where these questions would be more appropriate?

I am the motion graphics guy. I have cooked up the videos with transparency that we'll be using. But I'm not much help when it comes to Objective C.

VideoCopilot has always been a great learning resource for me. So I thought I'd reach out to see if you could point us in the right direction.

Thanks for everything.
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