Shadows/Reflections for After Effects 3D plugins

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Shadows/Reflections for After Effects 3D plugins

Postby Maxweel on 08/25/2012, 4:44 am


Some of you may have heard about the shadow script I presented in the forum 3 weeks ago ( Well, now it's become a full-featured panel for After Effects. It supports Element 3D (obviously), the 3D Trapcode plugins (MIR will be supported soon) and Plexus.

You can get the panel for free (open for donations) on


Here are the most important features:
Anchors: I worked with Dave Howard to enhance the system of custom anchors he proposed on the forum ( Now the anchors also control the position of the objects and you can parent them to each other, or to other 3D layers.

Shadows: are still there, but now all light types are supported (for parallel lights you need to play with a scale parameter to get them right though).

Reflections: look awesome! It's not only reflection on the floor, you can basically turn a 3D layer into a mirror and move/rotate it.

Optical Flares: set up your Element layer as foreground at the press of a button. It creates a precomp linked to your original comp, and you can still move the camera, change some settings ...

For a short demo, have a look at the videos on the AEscript page!

The script was just released, even though it's been heavily tested (thanks to Klaus Brandenburg, Dave Tunnell, Dave Howard, Angel001, etc) please write us if you have any issue. There's an update checking feature embedded in the panel that will notify you of future updates and bug fixes.

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