RenderPal V2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Offer

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RenderPal V2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 Offer

Postby Oldskooler on 11/12/2017, 9:04 am

November the 24th, 2017, will be Black Friday, and November the 27th, 2017, will be Cyber Monday. Again, we'll join this tradition and will be
offering RenderPal V2, our professional render farm manager, at greatly reduced prices!

Beginnig on November the 23th, 2017 till November the 28th, 2017, you'll be able to buy your RenderPal V2 licenses - no matter if it's just a single
node license or an entire site license - at a discount of an astonishing 40%! Yes, that is true, your eyes didn't fool you - you can indeed save
fourty percent on all our licenses during these days!

To take advantage of this offer, simply place your order during the aforesaid time range and enter the following coupon code: BLACK17

That's all you have to do! And best of all, this offer is also valid for existing customers, so if you thought about upgrading your node count, Black
Friday and Cyber Monday will be your best chance to do so!

We also recently released a new version of RenderPal V2 that brings a peer-to-peer based system for project files caching. Curious to find out why
this feature can save you large amounts of total rendering time? Visit our website to find out more!

Visit the RenderPal V2 website at:
RenderPal V2 - Render farm manager - Version 2.15 Out Now!
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