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Red Giant Key Correct Pro for sale

PostPosted: 09/22/2017, 4:13 pm
by dre4mer
Hi Guys,

I just finished up a massive VFX project, we used after effects and key correct to composite about 350 digital crowd shots for a feature film. For the team I purchased a number of licenses of Key Correct Pro at full price.

It's a suite of tools for compositing etc that can help speed up your workflow considerably and clean up your keying.

Check it out here if you are un-familiar with it.

Tools it contains:
Alpha Cleaner
Matte Feather EZ
Spill Killer
Light Wrap
Color Matcher
Edge Blur
Smooth Screen

At any rate if you are interested i'm selling the serial numbers on ebay for $100 off the purchase price. ... SwEWJZxZIx