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Filmstro Pro Movie score maker

Postby plae57 on 11/6/2016, 11:27 am

Filmstro pro is a simple way to create scores for your movies and shorts. I saw this on Film Riot maybe a year ago or so, but at the time it was MAC only, but I kept checking back. Well they are now both MAC and PC. This is not a free service and costs $9.99 a month. If you make a lot of films, then this would be worth it. The music you create is royalty free for youtube, vimeo, you website, a film festival. If you use it for commercial work, then the price is a little higher than $9.99, but still pretty cheap.

In a nut shell you have different genres of music like "joy and friendship", sadness, octane, slomo, adventure, dystopia, and one and on... Inside of each of these genres there are multiple different songs, as few as 7 and as many as 15+ per genre. With each song you have three sliders. Momentum, depth, and power. By adjusting them you change the song. And not just a little either. Here is a simple example and the exact steps I took:

1: open Filmstro
2: load the video
3: find the base song (in my case it was vikings)
4: watch the movie and play with the controls to adjust the feeling of the score
5: using the key frames tweak the music

And you're done. In my example I used a single song, you can use multiple songs, and each song tells you the BPM and key so they are easy to combine. This took me 5 minutes, and every single swell and peak and the over all flow of the music is me. If you did it with the exact same song, it would sound completely different (well not completely, but different enough). You could probably use the same song in 10 different movies and it would sound different in each movie. I believe there are over 150 different "songs" right now, and they add more all the time.

For $9.99 it is a keeper in my eyes. Oh, if I did not move the sliders in my example, the sound would stay the simple base and never change. There is no beginning middle or end to any of the songs. You make the beginning middle and end using the sliders. It is a very cool piece of software.

This is the insanely simple interface:

filmstro pro2.jpg
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