Help me find type of Music!

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Help me find type of Music!

Postby Gamepost on 01/12/2016, 2:57 pm


I have heard this sound many times in several deep scenes and I want to implement this in my scene.

The sound plays between 2:48 - 4:00

A similar sound can be found in anime between 13:58 - 14:25

What instruments is this and can you link me to similar?
What do you call these sounds when you search?

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Re: Help me find type of Music!

Postby Guitarboy2828 on 01/12/2016, 11:08 pm

If you search for "ambient cinematic" you'll find a lot of music similar to what you're after. I love the music of Tony Anderson, Lights and Motion, Ryan Taubert, Salomon, Michael Cameneti and Luke Atencio. They all have music in a similar vein to what you're after.

You can find ambient cinematic music here:

The musicbed is AWESOME for soundtracks for films.
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