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Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 12/16/2015, 5:49 pm
by dvideo
The company I do subcontracting work for has a new opportunity to do video post production for churches around the country.

The easy part is working with the church to come up with a branded video intro and outro.

The challenge is finding a platform or technology that automatically plays the intro / outro around the weekly videos they upload, sort of like the interstitial ads you see before or during Hulu. For a while YouTube let you add a 3 second branded intro, but they removed the feature and 3 seconds wasn't very long anyway. It would be great to not have to manually receive the weekly sermon videos and have to manually add the intro/outro and reprocess for upload.

Thanks for any leads!

Re: Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 01/26/2016, 7:34 am
by cabv
I have a friend who was working with online videos where part of the content was dynamic. The info (it could be advertising, stock markets number live, etc) was inserted by masking in the video certain area and somehow bringing the content by (I assume) XML controls.
Is like when you do live graphics with for Example Vizr, the names and pictures or the players are not loaded directly in the graphics machines but are in a database somewhere else. Then you create the graphics templates and the machine will call in the information and fill in on this "holes" the informaiton, can be text, video, pictures etc.
So in this case, videos would be loaded with a certain name standard into a data base and the graphics machine (or perhaps a playout server) should retrieve this to play them.
So check with somebody working on graphics with Vizr to see if the can bring video from a database, or other system, but in general you should look for graphics machines and "dynamic content".
Good luck,

Re: Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 01/29/2016, 6:33 pm
by dvideo

super appreciate you chiming in. i can't seem to find the vir you are talking about. could it be If not please shoot me a link.

Thanks again!

Re: Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 01/30/2016, 3:45 am
by star+circle
I don't know if Templater is adequate for your purposes as you'd still have to bring in the content and render it out, albeit more automatically, but looks like it might at least be worth checking out:

Re: Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 02/4/2016, 10:42 am
by dvideo
star+circle, thanks will check it out. never heard of it.

Re: Dynamic intro and outro

PostPosted: 08/15/2016, 10:32 pm
by Rechaser
Great and wonderful