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TV show Soundtrack Help

Postby Dmaroc on 11/23/2015, 4:44 pm

Hey Guys,

I am creating a reality tv show called Eco-Flip, and while designing the show i decided that instead of creating my own soundtrack I would really like to use pro stock audio. I know of all the normal sites (Audoblocks, incompetech,etc.) But none of those sites have the pro sounding reality tv show soundtrack (like you would see on HGTV or something like that) that I am looking for. If any of you guys know of a good place to get Pro sounding reality tv show soundtrack I would really appreciate it if you posted the link!
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Re: TV show Soundtrack Help

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 11/24/2015, 1:17 pm

SmartSound. It's awesome. It's the most customizable thing ever. You buy an album and then you can pick exactly how long you want a piece to be and then listen to various arrangements of it. Heck, it even lets you build it yourself!
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Re: TV show Soundtrack Help

Postby Guitarboy2828 on 11/24/2015, 11:39 pm

What is your show about? That'll determine where you get sounds? Reality is, pro sounds are usually custom made for a show. I've worked on shows before where they'd hire in mini orchestra's and record them for a single piece. If you don't want to do that, this site is pretty amazing: It has some great tracks that I'd consider as pro as they come.
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