Explorer crashes when I right click on the desktop and issue

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Explorer crashes when I right click on the desktop and issue

Postby peter43 on 06/3/2020, 2:51 am

So on previous versions of Windows, if you ended explorer.exe from the task manager, you could restart it no problem but on Win10 I get some permission/admin privilege popup when I restart it and try to click on the "File Explorer" link in the start menu or access various settings menus.

I though I could fix this by taking ownership of explorer.exe and setting admin and user account permissions to full. Now whenever I right click on the desktop, explorer.exe crashes and restarts and I don't know how to fix it of if that is the issue and not some other problem.

Also on Win7, if I opened an image in paint and went to "save as" it would always show the folder I opened the image from as the save location but on Win10, it always defaults to the desktop. Any way to change it so it is like it is on Win7?
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