VC Color Vibrance under the hood algorithm? [game fx]

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VC Color Vibrance under the hood algorithm? [game fx]

Postby pecollinni on 06/4/2018, 12:27 pm

Hi there,

my name's Peter and Im a game vfx artist. I work mainly in Unity and Unreal engine to create my stuff. And besides modeling supporting geometry, playing with UVs, creating textures and animating all of that, one more important step in this is to create a good shader/material for your effects. This is needed becose that material that you create is gonna tell the enigne how to render the texture, it's colors, all the render passes, etc.

And after seeing and doing a lot of smart materials I still didn't find a perfect coloring method for altering the colors of the texture like it's been done in VC's Color Vibrance plugin. That baby always spit out amazing resaults! And it has just a few paramaters to play with. I am trying to recreate it in Unreal's material editor but I just can't wrap my head around what and how are the channels multiplied and in which manner. It's not enough to just multiply the texture with a desired color, there is something smarter going on here... ||-<

So I was thinking if there is anyone who might have a clue on how is this done, please share your toughts, it will mean a lot. Thanks :)
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