Live, customizable video?

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Live, customizable video?

Postby mndgraphics on 04/15/2018, 4:02 am

Hey there, I hope this is the right section of the forums to post my request :)
So I came up with the idea of selling live information-screens to my clients. Designing the screens won't be a problem, however I am now challenged by the problem of "feeding" live information into the video, such as current news/tweets/current weather.
I'd like to design everything in AE and then create the overlays in a way that it reads the info from a certain API.
I cannot imagine how this can work without actually re-rendering a video everyday, but maybe I am also just a bloody beginner in this field, hence why I'm asking here :)
So the ideal setup would be:
"Live"-Video playing on a screen, functionality to update information (for example upcoming events) remotely for the client (eliminating the need to render a video, send it over, play it back on the tv).

Is such a thing possible and if yes, which software do you recommend?
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