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VC Orb - Stoped to work - Help

PostPosted: 10/3/2018, 8:19 am
by checker
Hi all.

I use After CS6, and VC Orb (v.1.0.2) was working normally.

Today I updated my Windows 10 to the version 1809. VC Orb stoped to work. Now everytime I try to use or open a project with it After Effects CS6 shows this message: "After Effects error: plug-in 'VCOrb.aex' could not be loaded (126)."

Anyone with the same problem? Solutions?

Re: VC Orb - Stoped to work - Help

PostPosted: 10/17/2018, 12:24 pm
by checker
Found the problem. This Windows 10 1809 update, wiped all my video card drives, although it still shows as if they were installed. Tryed to work on Davinci Resolve and it don't work asking me to install the opencl drivers. Reinstalled the graphics card drivers and all working ok now. Sorry for posting that here, but maybe it can help others with the same problem. And a big THANKS for this one fantastic tool that you guys are giving for free! VideoCopilot FOREVER!!