3D Optical Flares attached with Element 3D

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3D Optical Flares attached with Element 3D

Postby lucifer1002 on 05/10/2016, 12:27 am

Does anyone knows how to attached Optical flares in 3 Dimension object. I tried to switch Optical Flares to 3D but when i parent it to 3D object it wont attached......Anyone knows the solution?
The idea is,i have this 3D car and i want to animate it in 3D space,and i want to attached optical flares to the Headlights.
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System Specs: i have 64-bit system.
is that count?

Re: 3D Optical Flares attached with Element 3D

Postby Duncan on 05/10/2016, 10:28 am

Parent the Position XY of your Optical Flare to the position of your 3D null.


You need to parent the Position Z of the Optical Flare to the Z position of the Null.

To do this, alt/option click on the Position Z stopwatch on your optical flare layer. Drag the pick-whip onto the Z numerical value for your 3D null position.

I've attached a project file with it set up this way.

Another option is to create a point light and use "Track Lights". That's in the project file as well.

Optical Flare Parent.aep
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