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3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 1:13 am
by pianosdr
Hi All,

I've been practicing with a number of Andrew's tutorials, and I've been trying -- unsuccessfully -- to merge the concepts of two older ones: "The Blue Planet" and "Earth Zoom."

I'm trying to make an intro to a work project by creating the Earth Zoom effect from my office building to space, and I've got that down.

However, once I'm in space viewing the whole earth, I want it to be moving/animated with the rotating Earth and cloud cover as seen in "The Blue Planet" tutorial, since I feel like this is a lot better than zooming out to that still image of the earth in the "Earth Zoom" tutorial.

There seems to be a problem, though, in creating the Earth Zoom effect with the Blue Planet precomp, and I'm not seeing why it's happening. As soon as I perform the last step of minimizing the previous layer to match the Blue Planet image/precomp, and then parent all layers to the 1st (closest to my office) image, ALL of the images immediately condense down to a very small scale, and the zoom effect is no longer working properly.

Is there some known reason why this zoom effect can't be used with a precomp of another image, or perhaps it has to do with the way the Blue Planet precomp is constructed? I've repeated the original Earth Zoom effect on my own many times now just to verify that I'm doing the steps properly, to the point where I have it well memorized and can repeat it under a minute using the base images. I just can't get it to work at all with an animated/pseudo-animated image of the Earth.

Re: 3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 10:49 am
by pianosdr
One additional thing I've noticed is that, if I include the 3D Earth precomp as the last (bottom) layer of the Earth Zoom project, then parent all of the layers to Layer #1, the Scale of all of the images will DECREASE dramatically, rather than increase dramatically, as they do when I don't include that 3D Earth precomp. However, if I don't include that 3D Earth layer as the last layer and parent all the other layers to Layer 1, then all of the images' scales INCREASE dramatically.

So clearly something about this precomp is causing the parenting step to shrink all of the images rather than enlarge them, which explains why the zoom effect isn't working at the end, but I still don't understand why this is happening.

Re: 3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 11:59 am
by JPT7505
Easier if you post a file

Re: 3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 4:08 pm
by pianosdr
I've attached the project file + the images/layers I've used. I've left the project at the last working step. The next step is to downsize Layer 8 in order to match Layer 9. Then I unlink all layers, and then parent layers' 2-9 to Layer 1. After that, I should be able to scale Layer 1 to 100%, and all of the other layers should follow suit and scale up appropriately.

This is where the project breaks if, instead of matching Layer 8 to Layer 9, you try matching Layer 8 to Layer 10 (the precomp of the 3D earth I created).

Repeating all of these exact steps with the precomp linked rather than Layer 9, the scaling will essentially go in reverse on the last step. I have no idea why this is happening. Maybe it's just not possible to do this effect in this way with a precomp, or maybe the different image sizes are affecting it somehow.

Re: 3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 4:37 pm
by pianosdr
I'm starting to narrow this down a bit. It seems to have something to do with the image file I'm using to build the 3D Earth. Instead of creating a 3D earth precomp, I just tried using the base "Projection.jpg" image by itself in the Earth Zoom effect, and it still didn't work. As soon as I tried redoing just the last step with the "earthStill.jpg" image though (the one that comes with the project tutorial), the zoom works just fine. Still trying to figure out why one image works and one doesn't.

[edit] Ok, now it looks like the underlying reason is that there appears to be a limit to the amount of downsizing I can do on that 2nd to last layer before it causes the effect to break. I'm having to downsize that 2nd to last layer too small to be able to match the last layer using the image that I'm using to create the earth. I tested this by just keeping the 2nd to last layer larger, but still mapping it to the last layer, and then proceeding with the steps, and then the effect didn't break.

So now the question is...why is the "Projection.jpg" image producing an earth so small that it forces me to downsize the other images too much in order to match it? I've tried making the image size 4000 x 2000, which is way bigger than any of the other pictures I'm using, and it still produces a tiny earth image.

Re: 3D World + Earth Zoom

PostPosted: 04/13/2016, 6:08 pm
by pianosdr
I think I've corrected it. The image that I was using to compose the 3D earth was evidently just not a good file size or something. I found a different image that I then upscaled to 200%, and that seems to have worked.