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Duplicate Preset

Postby Filmaker92 on 01/29/2009, 7:58 am

What if there was a preset called "Duplicates" and with that preset, you can select your layer>select the preset>double click on it>and it will say to you "How many do you want"> insert the number of duplicates you want on that particular layer>hit "Ok">and with that one click it made the number of layers you wanted to have. Instead of going Edit>Duplicate> over and over and over again. I'm just coming up with ideas here thats all.
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Re: Duplicate Preset

Postby ngambles on 01/30/2009, 1:47 pm

That would be pretty sweet but Presets don't work like that. Presets and Expressions calculate values at every frame depending on whichever parameters they are given. They don't have the power to make layers and stuff like that.

But there's always scripts. A script is powerful enough to make/delete layers, add effects and other such things but they only run once when you tell them to. They don't run on every frame like expressions. That's why there's both.

Attached is a quick script that you can run that will duplicate all of your selected layers the number of times you enter.

To run scripts you have to go to the AE Preferences -> General tab and then check the option "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network." Then you can do File -> Scripts -> Run Script File... then select the Duplicator.jsx file to run it.

Check it out and have fun with it.

It's also just a plain text file that I changed to have extension .jsx. Any text editor will open it up so you can take a look.

Duplicator Script.rar
Script to duplicate all your currently selected layers.
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