Earth Zoom in effect

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Earth Zoom in effect

Postby distinct07 on 05/28/2018, 7:37 pm

hi Andrew Sir,

I am having a great and unique question for you related with this tutorial. I am making 7-8 similar images from GoogleEarth of different location and replace them in your given project folder. When opening project ae file, all goes well. the only only big problem I am facing is that all images are only few inches offset from their positions. Then I set the images manually for that location. Afterthat i made 7-8 images of another location again from google earth, and again replace them in respective folder. voilà! again same offset problem. Please kindly suggest me where I am getting wrong. I just want ""on replacement of images, whole project goes smooth on opening AEP file"".

Please Reply for the same. or any other... >-||
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