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sand trails in C4D

PostPosted: 01/1/2018, 9:17 am
by JPT7505
C4D R17 Scene

So I have a plane as my floor with a collision tag

Several Spheres using Mograph and a Rigid tag so they interact with one another

A animated sphere with an Attractor tag so all the other spheres follow it around the scene.

What I'm trying to achieve though is when the spheres collide with the floor (sand texture) they make a trail. Currently they make an indentation (which is good) but once they move, there are no physical trails, just indents that follow the sphere around.

Any ideas to have the trails remain?

Re: sand trails in C4D

PostPosted: 04/16/2018, 7:42 am
by Michael_Szalapski
There are several ways to do it. One would be to make a trail object and put the spheres as sources of it (or several trail objects, if needed). Then you could use a proximal shader in a displacement channel of your sand material and using the trails as the source.

Another would be to duplicate your sand layer (so you can keep the rigid collisions), but then make your duplicate ground a bit higher up. Here's the key: make it a soft body, but play with the settings so that it doesn't return its shape.

Another would be to use the Collision Deformer on your ground plane.