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Video Animation Software

PostPosted: 09/21/2017, 4:44 am
by JoeClark

I'm looking for a software, aside from Powerpoint, where I can combine video animation and real video clips. The closest that I could get is Powtoon but the problem is I can only insert the video clip during the presentation mode. If it's in the video mode, the video clip doesn't work.

Another explainer video software I found but then again the problem is it's limited to settings of 4 sec. (or 20 sec) for the video presentation. I'm also into Videoscribe but I can't import a video clip in it. I don't like Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 either.

I've also bumped into other sites but I haven't tried it yet. According to its FAQs, it can.

Anything else out there?

Re: Video Animation Software

PostPosted: 09/22/2017, 2:51 am
by Gerry Clark
I'm sure I've suggested this before. Resolume Arena.