Creating Particles PP Rotation Expression

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Creating Particles PP Rotation Expression

Postby JoeClark on 08/22/2017, 3:33 am

I'm trying to create a simple balloon animation. I've created several 3D balloons and have assigned the balloons to particles using the instance geometry replacement method. I'm also using particle colliders to give the balloons a degree of randomness as they enter the shot. To add further randomness I've also added a dynamic field to give some indication of a breeze in the air.

At the minute the rotation of the balloons is completely wrong. The particles constantly spin upon making contact with the particle colliders. They shouldn't fully rotate but should kind of sway so that the air hole of the balloon is never really at the top. From random videos I watch the balloons swing from the bottom as to make it look that the lift in the balloon is coming from the very top. Imagine if you apply a joint to the very middle of the balloon, parent it and then try to rotate it. Thats the motion you should get.

Question is how can I achieve a sway/swinging effect to the balloons once the collider comes into contact with the balloons? I've thought about creating a per particle array attribute expression for the rotation PP. The problem is I don't any expressions.

Anyone know of any expressions?
Please Help.
Thanks !
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