Creating a Ocean of Video Clips

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Creating a Ocean of Video Clips

Postby ZH1994 on 08/19/2017, 5:34 pm

Hi All. I'm attempting to create a vast "ocean" of video clips for a camera to fly across. Something similar to the effect in these clips:

My immediate intuition would be to create a plane, apply a V-Ray material, use the array tool to duplicate the plane as copies, and apply the video clips as bitmaps to each copy and turn on self-illumination. Then, to create the wave effects, I suppose I would group all of the layers together (or attach them to one another), and apply a wave or noise modifier.

However, I'm not entirely sure how to get the 16X9 clips to map to the planes without distorting. Is there a way to create the planes so their dimensions correspond perfectly with the dimensions of the clips? I also am not sure how I would go about getting them to "reveal on" like they do in the examples above, or dissipate into particles. Also, applying each individual video as a bitmap to each plane seems like it would be a bit tedious.

Is there a more efficient way of accomplishing this effect? I'm still relatively new to 3dsMax, as I'm an avid After Effects user looking to implement 3D into my workflow. Also, what would be the best way to get this effect into after effects for further manipulation, and how much of it should be done in 3dsMax or After Effects?
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