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Element 3d and C4D animation problem

PostPosted: 07/25/2017, 3:45 am
by cettyx
Hello to all,
I hope to be in the right section..I created a character in C4D (a robot) without joints but animated with the expresso slides (user data) ... once created the animation (working in C4D), save the project and element 3D that does not recognize that animation and the model remains static; If I create a classical animation, that is by moving the various parts manually by using component rotation (erasing the express slides) and with the keyframes, when the amount in Elemet all works correctly! Does anyone, kindly, know why this phenomenon?
Thanks for the attention and sorry for my english...


Re: Element 3d and C4D animation problem

PostPosted: 09/17/2017, 6:07 am
by prathamesh
element does not recognize xpresso user data you need to export it as an obj or .c4d sequence with some plugin.
i use SteadyBAKEv14 R12+ for exporting animations to E3D. you may find it here

a video tutorial in case you need help