Help Moving 3D not Rotating the Model

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Re: Help Moving 3D not Rotating the Model

Postby Gerry Clark on 03/2/2017, 2:11 am

I think the only way you'll get it exactly right is through trial and error. Not every problem can be solved with a plugin and sometimes you've just got to keep working at it. Having said that, one of the gurus here could probably prove me wrong :)
Gerry Clark
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Re: Help Moving 3D not Rotating the Model

Postby GoldenTiger on 03/2/2017, 10:06 am

Thanks so much Gerry for your help
I really appreciate it

last night I was working on it
I almost got it right, I notice it's like like skill but with some practice I'll get it.
you have to have that knowledge of imagination to be able to view and picture what we're attempting to achieve besides manipulating key frames.

with just practice I'll get it.
but the turns and views on a aircraft it's not easy, it's a skill.

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Thanks again.
have a wonderful day
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