Element 3D Problem

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Element 3D Problem

Postby Festus79 on 02/1/2017, 6:09 am

Hi there,

probably someone can help me out with the following issue. I did a similar Animation like the Car rigging tutorial with element 3D.

But instead of animating the car straight forward, the car in my case makes a little turn at the end.

And ther is the problem.... in the rotation animation at one frame there is a jump in the rotation animation. And I cant figure it out where there is the problem. No keyframes etc are at this position. Has anybody an idea that the animation isnt smooth at this point?

thanks and cheers
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Re: Element 3D Problem

Postby jsn951 on 02/8/2017, 11:58 am

Hard to say, without a look, post what you have so far.
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